821 N Main
PO Box 1248
Monticello AR 71657
Telephone: 870-367-6883
Email: fpcmont@sbcglobal.net
To all who are weary and need rest; to all who
are lonely and want friendship; to all who mourn
and look for comfort; to all who sin and need a
Saviour; to whosoever will come to Jesus
Christ, receiving His love and forgiving grace,
desiring to live for Him a new life, this church
opens wide her doors and bids you welcome.
Welcome to
First Presbyterian Church
Monticello, Arkansas
Church Staff:

Stuart Ferguson, Office Administrator / Treasurer
Frank Ferguson, Clerk of Session
Laura Ferguson, Organist
Frank Ferguson, Choir Director
James Leonard, Sexton
Welcome to the First Presbyterian Church of Monticello, Arkansas.
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Sermons by interim preacher, Dr. Drew Smith,
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