Feed the Kids
"For I was hungry and you gave me food......"
The Story

She sat on the blanket with the other children as they
enjoyed their picnic lunch brought for their field trip.  
She ate slower than the other children savoring every
bite, lingering over the bits that she gingerly pinched
off her graham crackers.

"OK kids, time to finish up," the teachers instructed.

"Come Susie (not her name) and sit up here on the
picnic table.  There are some more cookies here for
you."  One of the teachers gently guided Susie to the

"Why is she such a slow eater?"  I asked one of the
other teachers.

"She only eats at school and we try to stuff her while
she is here to last until tomorrow."

And "Feed the Kids" was born.
The Snack Pack
The effort started with eight children in the fall of 2006
at Drew Central Elementary School as a test to see if
there were indeed hungry children in our community.

We now feed over 140 children each week in both
Monticello and Drew Central Schools.  The snack packs
are delivered to each week and are then distributed to
the children.

Elementary children are targeted in Pre-K through the
8th grade.  They are referred by teachers, counselors,
principals, and the students themselves.

We don't know names or faces and only a few stories.  
We just know that these kids are hungry and we can
help in some small way.
Feed the Kids is a project of First Presbyterian Women's Evening
Circle.   and now involves First United Methodist Youth and other
community members and civic groups.
The cost of one snack pack is
around $6.00.

Donations can be sent to:
Feed the Kids
163 Country View Rd
Monticelllo, AR 71655


Feed The Kids
C/O First Presbyterian Church
P.O. Box 1248
Monticello, AR 71657


The Snack Packs
are kid friendly, nutritious, and easily opened

The Packs include:

Main Meals
Spaghetti, Ravioli, Beans & Weenies, or Vienna

Two Breakfasts
Dry Cereal and Granola Bar

Two Snacks

Two Fruits

Two Desserts

One Drink

A New Testament has been provided

Cleanup bags with toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap,
shampoo, and other toiletry items are provided
The Rice Depot  provides some food items.
Most of the items are purchased in bulk from
grants to help us sustain this project.
Support Feed the Kids by
starting your shopping at